• Most Catered Events Require 7 Days advance planning time from the agreed menu & pricing to give you the best catered experience possible 

• Pre-approved 72 Hours notice to cater your food service needs may be possible depending on current kitchen volume already in preparations

Procedures to Phone Order Your Catering:

 {Best times to Phone are Daily 9 am to 6 pm} 

• Phone - City Park Gelato & aMore 970-568-8855 

• Phone - Early or after hours Paul’s Cell 970-420-4827 

• Administrative Office - 970-224-5643 

• You will be greeted and guided through your inquiry 

• An E-Draft of your selections will be sent to you for review within 24 hours. 


Inclusions to Your One-way Catering Order

• Hot-Food holding containers to transport & tastefully present your menu 

• Cold Food holding containers to transport & tastefully present your menu 

• Plastic type serving tools to self-serve all your food: (ladles, spoons, spatulas, tongs) 

• Food Labels to inform your guests prior to consuming foods 

• Disposable dishes, flatware, drink cup, napkin, moist towel & mints 

Add-On Changes To Enhance Your Catering Services

Please note: a prompt consumption of foods on arrival may not require the hot holding items listed here.

• $8.00 includes: 1 Wire Rack | 2 gel heat fuel cans | 1 water pan (each holds 2 aluminum 1/2-sized pans) and “crimp seal lids” to keep food hot for longer service periods. 

• $10.00 each: Disposable table cloth | Balloons | Flowers | Italian Music Stick to enhance your Italian food fest 

• If Plastic Folding Tables (4,6 or 8 foot) are needed and requested, a return to owner trip cost arrangement will be required 

Add-on Delivery and Staffing Charges

• Delivery & Set up Charge fee $30 + .55 cents per mile 

• Staffing for events you can hire at $25 per hour

Payment Options

• Deposits will be required with the balance due day of service by check 

• Credit card payments due 3 days prior to your event date


Gelato & aMoré 

1720 W Mulberry St., Suite A1 | Fort Collins, CO 

Store - 970.568.8855 | Administrative Office - 970.224.5643 

Owner - Paul Pellegrino